A Wacoan for 30 years, Kim Cutler has served the Waco community in various capacities since 1992. Out of a passion for cooking, a love for Jesus and people an idea was formed to create a for profit business that would provide a safe, Christ-centered work environment for people to come bake and serve the community quality baked goods.

With that in mind, Kim started baking out of her house in 2012 and inviting people over to purchase baked goods. Posting pictures on Facebook and creating a set menu people started coming. And eventually, thru many miracles we ended in up in a location where we invite all to come and enjoy.

Baked Bliss is a celebration of all things baked! Bliss means “complete happiness” or “heavenly.”

Baked Bliss offers you a little taste of Heaven in every bite. Our hope is to serve you quality baked goods with a side of God’s love and care each time you come.

Feel free to call or email us to receive a menu of all baked goods offered. It would be a joy to help you celebrate all of life’s occasions.